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Books by Don & Martha Rosenthal

Books by Don & Martha

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"Don and Martha Rosenthal combine spiritual and psychological acumen in this deeply insightful and inspiring guide to love. Highly Recommended."

                             - Marianne Williamson.  


LEARNING TO LOVE is one of the most comprehensive descriptions of what goes wrong in relationships and how to fix it.  At the heart of the Rosenthal's teachings is a specific format for communicating they call OPEN HEARTED LISTENING, which, while similar to techniques described elsewhere, adds a vital new element that makes it possible to feel truly heard, "gotten" and understood at last. 

It's simple, but not easy.  Many Don and Martha graduates enthusiastially report that this single practice can save troubled relationships, greatly enrich thriving ones, and by itself makes the book or seminar will worth its price. This book is equally valuable to those who are not currently in a reationship.




After four decades of negotiating the twists, turns and obstacles on the path to enlightenment, Don Rosenthal has reached this radical conclusion; the obstacles are the path.  For anyone discontented with life as it is, wondering if there’s another way, here is help for developing the self-knowledge, self-mastery and self-compassion it takes to see through suffering to truth and turn fear into freedom.  

The Uncharted Journey will help readers find the courage to set out on their own path to an examined life and an open heart. This book is destined to become a classic of modern spiritual literature.

"An intimate and vividly honest description of the Spiritual Journey and as amazingly clear as anything I have read in years.”  - Robert Hall, Buddhist   meditation teacher, psychotherapist and founder of the Lomi School

Reader Reviews:

The Uncharted Journey - Exploring The Inner Landscape

"...quite simply one of those rare and wondrous books with the power to change lives. Don Rosenthal is a profoundly courageous truth seeker, and wise and humble truth teller. His words are a transmission, bypassing the ego and speaking directly to the heart and soul" - Jeffrey S. Cotton Amazon Review


" astonishingly candid report from the front lines of what feels like an inner battle that I instantly recognized as my own. Don came to the same conclusion as the founders of the twelve step recovery process; that the root problems of the human condition are fear and resentment. And over many years, he has dug deep into his own failures to change, finding in those failures the signposts that point to a way to actually experience freedom. This is invaluable material for people in recovery who are ready to dig deeper in their inventory process. But it is not a "recovery book," unless the "recovery" we seek is the ability to live without being stopped from living with loving, open hearts."  - Beau Weaver Amazon review

LEARNING TO LOVE - From Conflict to Lasting Harmony


"AMAZING work, truly deep, spiritual, loving work. Incredible. If you have a chance to do a workshop with them, take it. They're truly amazing!"   - Alexandra Mooney  Amazon Review


"The work of Don and Martha Rosenthal has changed my life -- and pointed me in the direction of deep, meaningful love, wholeness and peace. And as lofty as that sounds, they present their lessons with sincerity, gentleness, and a genuine understanding of the difficulties regular people face in their daily lives."    - Rose M. Lowry Amazon Review


"I have never read a book on relationships that has impacted me and my marriage so profoundly…..The authors have masterfully mixed western and eastern phychology and spirituality in a manner that is highly readable and free of psychobabble and spiritual cliches."  - Michael L. Lavender Amazon Review

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