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Our Vermont Location

Place and Community

The Center has its home in West Corinth, Vermont, where the Rosenthals have lived and taught for many years. The land it sits on belongs to the Lost Meadow Land Cooperative, a residential community whose members share ownership and management of over 600 acres. Current membership consists of five families (including Don and Martha) and is growing. Not coincidentally, all current members have done work with Don and Martha, and are committed to putting into practice the principles at the core of that work. Some members are actively involved in facilitating workshops, and in the Center's administration. In addition, the Coop is dedicated to values of community, sustainability, and right livelihood, a vibrant and nourishing environment for an institute like Heartwork to flourish.

The main facility consists of a comfortably renovated 1820's farmhouse, which serves both as a residence and as a workshop space. The house contains private rooms for couples during workshops, common space for group activities, and a cozy kitchen/dining area. The surrounding property (over 600 acres) features many walking trails, a combination of woods and scenic open meadows, and a lovely pond for swimming in summer. The property is at the end of a dead-end road, and is unusually pristine and secluded, even for Vermont.

In today's world, simply to be in an intimate relationship is an exacting challenge, one for which most of us have received precious little preparation. Providing guidance in this vexed and subtle area seems like one of the more profound needs of our time. It has been truly said that the peace we yearn for in the world at large begins with the peace we attain in our own relationships, peace that in turn must come from our hearts. We are gratified to be taking this small step on the path toward peace; there is no better place to begin.

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