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. . . . learning to live with an open heart

"Don and Martha Rosenthal combine spiritual and psychological acumen in this deeply insightful and ispiring guide to love. Highly Recommended."



 - Marianne Williamson
 - Marianne Williamson

Wise relationship counsel from many sources suggests that we should seek to let go of resentment, fear and judgement.


What if there was a way to really be heard by your partner?  What if there was a way to get "unstuck?" What if the very obstacles you have struggled against in your relationship turned out to be the keys to a depth of love and harmony that you have only dreamed about?  And what if all this did not require years of hard work digging around in "the past," but was available now? 
Sounds too good to be true, right?  Thousands of couples who have worked with Don and Martha Rosenthal say otherwise.
For decades, couples and individuals have found a new way to approach relationships by working with Don and Martha. The workshops are not only for those who are currently in a crisis. Couples who have a strong foundation find a way to make their relationship even deeper, by giving it a new focus, and new tools to make their journey together truly about "awakening together."
Don and Martha invite us inside their own relationship to learn the specific techniques that were forged in the fire of their own early struggles, and that have worked for the couples whom they have counseled over many years. The tools resemble a kind of relational yoga, which if practiced to mastery can produce a true depth of intimacy and freedom that most of us have always longed for.
Same sex couples and those who are not currently in a committed intimate partnership have also found the work to be invaluable, in the workshops, or in one on one counseling sessions.

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