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Private Couple Intensive Retreats

A new option for private retreats

We are pleased to announce that we are offering private retreats for couples. We offer them in our home, complete with fine food and lodgings, or in yours. They can be over a weekend or during the week, and can be tailor made to fit your requirements.

Nothing is more powerful and effective than a private retreat for getting to the very bottom of things, for resolving deep and long-standing issues, for creating the loving relationship we all crave. With the total focus on you we can move mountains together. It is often the case, as couples who have done this have discovered, that couples release whatever has been stuck, even for decades, and move together into a new dimension.

The cost for a two day retreat in our home, including food and lodging, is $2800 for the couple. A 3-day private retreat is available for $4000, and a 4-day reatreat is $5200. The cost for other options depends on various factors, and can be discussed. We would be most happy to talk with you about this if you should care to give us a call.

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